What is the Anything Can Be Project?

Inspired by the Shel Silverstein quote that quips“…Anything can happen child.  Anything can be.”  Salt Lake City based photographer Jonathan Diaz, created the Anything Can Be Project with the purpose of giving hope to pediatric cancer patients one dream and photograph at a time.  Jonathan takes the dreams of these wonderful children and uses his unique photographic talent to vividly bring these dreams to life.  His work proves that anything is possible that anything truly, can be!  Jonathan's images capture the strength, innocence and sheer determination of these children as they face the fight for their lives.  Whether the dream is to be a baker balancing her creations in her hands or becoming a woodland fairy, Jonathan will make it happen!    Many children are waiting to have their dreams come to life through the Anything Can Be Project.  If you are interested in sponsoring a child please review the FAQ below and contact Jonathan Diaz at 801-696-4129.  If you just want to donate to the project please click on the link below.  All donations go directly to the Anything Can Be Project and 100% of the donations will be used to make the dreams of pediatric cancer patients come to life!

2014-2015 All images copyright The Anything Can Be Project All rights reserved. 


1.     Are you guys like Make-a-Wish?

No.  While it may seem like there are some similarities, at it’s core, Anything Can Be is an art project.  Our mission is to raise awareness and hope through the power of photography and dreams.  We take the dreams and hopes of children who are battling cancer and bring them to life through fine art photography.  We don’t seek to actually make a dream come true, it is our belief that the only person who can make a dream come true is the actual dreamer.  To that end we seek to inspire these kids and others to dream big and believe that anything is possible anything can be!

2.     But you guys made some dreams come true?

Yes!  To a 4 or 5 year old a photo shoot is oftentimes not the most fun thing in the world to participate in.  So we try and give the kids an experience that goes along with the photo shoot to help fuel their imagination.  My artwork, by its very nature requires some imagination by the children.  So giving them an experience related to their dream while we take their images helps put them in the right mindset to create the images!  Sometimes in the process of it all, dreams do end up coming true!

3.     If I wanted to sponsor a child’s photo-shoot, how much does it cost to complete a photograph?

We accept all donations because every little bit helps!  However, to officially sponsor a child's dream, a minimum donation of $5,000.00 per child is requested.  This project has proven that it has real impact on the lives of those that participate.  Not only the lives of the children and their families who are fighting cancer, but on the lives of those who are willing to be a part of the project.  When you sponsor a child you will see exactly where your money goes.  You will be giving to a unique cause that truly makes a difference in peoples lives and has a track record of raising awareness for this disease.  Your generous donation will impact and change lives forever.

4.     What does a $5,000.00 sponsorship pay for?

Aside from knowing that you will be making a dream come true and changing the lives of others forever!  This money covers the cost of the photo-shoot, costumes, video production, props, prints, travel expenses and everything else required to create one photo-shoot.