Sarah Magera {Astronaut}

Meet Sarah!  Sarah dreams of becoming an Astronaut/Space Explorer!  She is also one of the most outgoing and sassiest cancer fighters I have ever met.  She has dealt with countless difficulties throughout her treatment.  Since her diagnosis Sarah has been in the hospital for a total of over 300 days!  If you have ever been in a hospital for even one day, then you know that even a single day is one day too many!  300 is unfathomable!  Sarah is from Montana and travels to SLC for treatments and doctor appointments.  She was in town for a couple of days so yesterday we decided do her photo shoot and make the most of it!

Sarah, her mother and a few others came by my home for hair, makeup, and costume!  Huge thanks to Marcy Briggs and her willingness to come and do the make-up and hair!  The costume was made by Lindsay and Kyle Moore and I can't tell you how many compliments they got on the space suit, it looked so amazing!

Sarah isn't exactly shy!

BTS shot of the studio shoot.  Evil Space Explorer?

After a cramped shoot in my studio and some lunch, we headed up to Black Diamond Gymnastics in Park City so the real fun could begin!  Huge thanks to Katy Heddens for letting us crash her gym and make Sarah weightless for what I hope will be a really cool space image!

We hooked Sarah up to a harness and sent her flying!

Space Dancing!  The sprinkler

Sarah seemed to really have a great time and I was able to capture the images I needed to create her photograph!  To top off the day we decided to head up to Ogden and see about some indoor skydiving at iFly Utah!  They were extremely generous and donated her flight experience.  Take a look, it was awesome!

Please take a moment to visit the websites for Black Diamond Gymnastics and iFly both are awesome local companies that try and make a difference!