Carson {the Bull Rider}

Meet Carson!  His dream is to be a bull rider!  During our photo shoot Carson had his first horse ride.  It was so much fun to be a part of that!  

In May 2012, Carson was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL).  Carson's nickname is Tuff Boy and it definitely fits!  One of the things that I have come to realize with this project is the unconquerable spirit that these kids have as they face the fight for their lives.  I have heard murmurs of people feeling that kids with ALL are not deserving of any sort of special treatment because it is the most common type of pediatric cancer and the survival rate is 90%!  What an ignorant thing to believe.  As if the survival rate somehow makes the suffering and difficulties of cancer easier or that the long term effects don't exist.  The list of complications and side effects associated with cancer treatments is long.  A good example is something that Carson recently had to endure.  Due to a side effect with chemo therapy, Carson's Achilles tendons were not keeping up with his growing body.  Remember, Chemo is a poison, a poison that has harmful effects on adults let alone little children.  To fix the Achilles problem, Carson had surgery to lengthen the tendon.  This surgery put him in casts and walking boots for 8 weeks with major physical therapy in his future.  Carson is a trooper and an inspiration, as are all the kids that face this disease!  A 90% survival rate is unacceptable, it should be 100% with no side effects and an over the counter drug that you can get anywhere that cures cancer.  Un-realistic?  Maybe, but that is how I see it! 

Huge thank you to Thayne Stembridge and his family for taking a day of their lives and making Carson's dream come to life!  

Below I have added a few of the images that were used to create the final image.  I was reading about professional photo contests the other day and how judges determine whether an image is merit worthy.  One of the things that they request to see when they look at digital composite photographs (multiple images used to create one final image) are the original images that were used.  This is done to demonstrate the degree of difficulty of the final image.  The degree of difficulty can play in the artists favor if done properly.  Because the Anything Can Be Project is at it's core, an art project.  I thought some folks might find it interesting to see a bit of what it takes to create my images.  Not saying my images are merit worthy, but someone might find it cool!  I also kept track of the time I spent on this image, 19 hours, not including the shoot time!  People ask me about this stuff sometimes, so there you go!  

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