We Are BRAVE in Thinking

By Annie Terry

At the beginning of the year, as we taught our kids about New Year's resolutions, our family had a discussion about what our motto for 2014 would be. My son (then 9-years-old), quickly blurted out, “What about, 'We Disagree to Disagree'?” His suggestion was met with nothing but silence.  After we recovered from his...interesting suggestion, we then urged the kids to keep on brainstorming a bit more.  Two seconds later, my son said, “Well, what about, 'We Are Brave in Thinking'?” I was taken aback with the profoundness of this statement that he had effortlessly thrown out into our conversation. It was actually kind of perfect.

Now this sign hangs happily in the entryway of our home. These simple words, although the product of my 9-year-old's random suggestion, truly are so meaningful.  Now the words take on a deeper meaning when examining the lives of the incredible kids who battle cancer everyday.  Thanks to the Anything Can Be project, we are able to get a very small glimpse into the eyes of these kids that are fighting for their lives. These fearless little warriors truly are BRAVE in thinking!  They are BRAVE to think about the future, they are BRAVE to hope for a cure, and they are BRAVE to follow their dreams. These courageous kids are what the Anything Can Be project is really all about! Their hopes and dreams inspire us, and help US to become a little braver each day.

All of these kids, who have endured the many appointments, procedures, and, undoubtedly, so much pain, do not allow the mountains of obstacles to get them down.  I recently talked to the mother of a special kid named Zach, who has beaten cancer twice in his short 14 years.  I asked her if she could describe, in one word, these special kids that battle this illness.  Her answer? “Optimistic.”  Kids who have dealt with unfathomable trials, and manage to still be optimistic through it all.  I am awestruck by their strength!  These inspiring kids still hope and dream of being super heroes, dragon riders, fairies, football players, mermaids, or even Dr. Batman.  These courageous fighters are truly, "BRAVE in thinking."

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