First Author!

Meet Brandon Mull!  Brandon is the author of the New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling Beyonders and Fablehaven series!  Brandon has graciously agreed to write a short story about Ethan's dream of being both a doctor and Batman-esque crime fighter.  We feel extremely lucky and honored that Brandon was willing to take time from his busy schedule to help with this project!  My kids love the Fablehaven books and have read many of Brandon's other books!  

The story Brandon wrote about Ethan is so perfect and brings a smile to my face every time I read it!  Yes I have read it a couple of times!  I am amazed by the quality and creativity of each story.  I can't wait until September to share this story as well as the other 20!  Please check out Brandon's website at his new book Five Kingdoms: Crystal Keepers, is out today!

It has been a long time coming but I also finished Tristan's final image and I am excited to share it with you all here!  Let me know what you think in the comments!  Thank you again for all of your support and I can't wait to see if we can meet our 40k goal!