LILLY the WARRIOR PRINCESS.  To  say that Lilly is a warrior is kind of an understatement.  She is incredibly strong and courageous.  She has been through more that most adults in and entire life time.  She has faced so much and it was a huge pleasure for us to help her just be a kid again.  Check out the video below to see kind of a short documentary about our photoshoot earlier in 2015.

When Skull Candy saw this image they immediately wanted to do something awesome for Jacob.  Check out how Skull Candy worked with Anything Can Be to change young Jacob's life and make his dream come to life!

Ellie's dream was to be a baker!  So we found a gourmet kitchen, put in a ton of cakes, pastries and generally made a huge mess.  Check it out below!

Cami has battled cancer twice and against all odds has overcome it entirely!  She went through a life saving bone marrow transplant a bit before our photo-shoot.  She was pretty exhausted for this shoot but was a trooper!  She received the good news that day that her bone marrow transplant worked, she was cancer free.  Her reaction to her final image is priceless!  Check it out.

Jordan was a huge fan of Alice in Wonderland!  Her dream was to be in wonderland and we were able to make that dream possible.  This image was our gift to her family as she passed away shortly after it was taken.  Watch the video below to see what this image means to Jordan's mother.


BTS video of our pirate shoot with Sada. Sada, knows exactly what she wants and has an awesome personality to boot. She has been battling a brain tumor for the past 6 years and is such an inspiration.